Everyone needs direction. It is true that we all have within us everything we need. Everything we need for anything we should ever need. But sometimes we forget, and sometimes we need help finding it, or guiding it. Sometimes our North Stars go missing. Of Course they never actually do, but sometimes it FEELS like they do and we need help clearing away the clouds that must be blocking it. This is how Eliza directs, professionally or personally she has a unique gift of supporting people clear the clouds and head toward the true north of their hearts.


Ted Talks, One Woman Shows, Presentations, Film, there is nothing Eliza has not and does not love directing. Let her not only explore the adventurous nuances of your material but help you dissolve any blocks keeping you from full out authentic self expression. Eliza combines her years of film and theater work with her Master’s in Spiritual Psychology to create a unique, expansive, grounded and best of all fun experience for you as lead in whatever your next show is. Book time with her now!

E-mail her: with the subject line DIRECT ME!


Inner conflict and confusion are a natural part of our human existence. There are times when talk therapy or coaching won’t quite scratch the itch of existential angst. Spiritual Direction is called for when we are at a moral crossroads, when there is something we are seeking a deeper understanding of. It is called for when we know we are entering or exiting our butterfly chrysalis and need someone who can see the spiritual altitude in a bit more focus than our not yet adjusted eyes can see. Waking up in consciousness is a process and not an event. Spiritual growth is a process and not an event. Eliza’s skill in facilitating people to see their spiritual opportunities for growth and then returning them to a loving place inside is quite a gift. Whether it’s a one time perceived crisis or an ongoing goal, Eliza can take you back to center in a lasered and loving way. If you are seeking Spiritual Direction e-mail her @ with the subject line DIRECT ME!


Eliza Swords is a brilliant and loving powerhouse and if you can book her, do it fast. She has supported me in fulfilling a life-long dream to perform a one-woman show where I sing and play my heart out as well as helped me craft a TEDx talk that has been viewed tens of thousands of times. She not only brought her years of acting and directing chops to the stage direction, but also masterfully held me as I moved through whatever fear and resistance showed up along the way. I am so grateful to her for her years of studying theater and storytelling and doing the inner work necessary to be a deeply loving and supportive presence. I can't wait to work with her again! - Bristol Baughan @innerastronauts

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