Small Poems + Big Things

Do not really feel inspired, I actually just feel pretty tired. 

But I love to write my nightly thoughts, without these thoughts what else have I got? 

I have so much to be grateful for and with every moment I find so much more. 

It’s when we can really appreciate the things we have life gets great. 

So tonight I look around and count all the things I could not live without. 

My cats, my water, my music, my bed, my family, my friends and the voices in my head. 

The food in my belly the love in my heart, yes I can feel it growing-this is a good place to start. 

Looking around at the things that I love, counting my blessings sent down from above. 

Above or below who really knows where, I love it anyway; from where it comes I don’t care. 

As long as it makes me grow big and grow strong, I know me loving it cannot be wrong! 

So off to sleep I finally go, now that my heart is truly aglow. 

I know I’ll sleep tight I know I’ll sleep deep into my cells all this love it will creep. 

And when I wake up I’ll be ready to go, tired no more, I’ll give the world quite a show! 

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

On this eve of our years end I cannot keep trying to pretend that things aren’t just as they’re meant to be, that we’re all right, that we’re all free. Even if we do not know it, even if we cannot show it, we can see it in each other’s eyes. Look a bit closer it’s no surprise. When we’ve laugh lines on our face it’s true we’ve lived a life of grace. That all of us can be so lucky, with choice my friend life is always ducky. Even in the darker parts there’s always light deep in our hearts. Light for us together to share, light that when lit makes the whole world care. So whether together or whether alone, this place that we live, this earth is our home. I say a prayer for you tonight, earth please know I keep you in my sights. I know you keep me deep in yours and with your ancient language we will be cured. Here’s to tomorrow, the next day and the next. With every breath may we realize we’re blessed. Blessed to live right here, right now. Each and everyone on earth, to you I bow. 

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

Now it's time, its time for bed. time to rest my sleepy head. and tell my brain to please stop thinking-doesn't it realize my esteem is shrinking? with every single ego thought lies an innocent truth about to get caught. and every time the ego wins another trip down down down the rabbit hole begins. Tonight i will be ego free and take a look at how I feel about me. I won't care what people think of my actions, I'll take them anyway, I'll create traction! At least while I am dreaming deep I'll be so bold in my faith, I'll even leap. And when the time comes tomorrow to rise, I will open my eyes to find myself wise. Wise to the brilliant lessons i will learn, wise to want more it's inspiration I yearn. Oh of course I'll still care about you, her and him, but i won't give a damn what shape you think I'm in. I'll know that I'm good because i'll truly love me-and when that happens within we will all be free.


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